Philippe Fagnoni. Photography © Bruce Pierson
Philippe Fagnoni. Photography © Bruce Pierson

Welcome aboard the AstroVoyager, your pilot is Philippe Fagnoni. This atypical and creative artist invites you to explore the infinity of his audio-visual universe, to gravitate to the very limits of electro-acoustic, of electro-symphonic and now for the third of his projects, of ElectrOpera


The magnitude is on a par with the great masters of this art such as Era, Enigma, Vangelis and Jean-Michel Jarre, or of the most celebrated film score composers like Hans Zimmer or Eric Serra. AstroVoyager’s sound painting alternates intimate orchestrations with polished, rhythmic compositions enriched with a symphonic overlay that the inclusion of acoustic instruments turns into a bright path to better guide the "audi-spectator" through the dream.

Born in Metz (F) in 1974, Fagnoni is an architect of sound and vision. From the piano keyboard to those of computers and synthesisers, he fed on the electro explosion of the 1980s. In 2000, after several collaborations on keyboard with various groups, he created his own solo virtual formation, AstroVoyager. He was at last able to give free rein to his talents as a composer with a sole ambition: to take "audi-spectators" on a journey without them ever having to get out of their chair.

And the first maxi-CD, self-produced in 2003, hit home. Fagnoni was instantly signed to the French label Dreaming-Musea who took over the international distribution of future productions.


The first album to emerge from this partnership was Temporal Gravitation² three years later. That was followed in 2010 by a second concept album, Symphonic Lunation, in which the integration of multimedia crowned the virtual magnitude of AstroVoyager by following a lunar cycle through panoramic video projections to better take us beyond time.


In 2015, now produced by the French label CosmXplorer and still distributed by Dreaming-Musea & CD1DAstroVoyager is back, concluding his concept in four EPs started in 2012: ElectrOpera. At the heart of this new project, an even closer integration of orchestral instruments, of songs without words and of electro-abstract videos consolidate the musical and visual hallmark of AstroVoyager.


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10 octobre 2015

Dole - La Commanderie (39)

Big Bang



10 october 2015

Dole - La Commanderie (39)

Big Bang



4 aout 2015

Port sur Saône (70)

ElectrOpera de Feu



4 august 2015

Port sur Saône (70)

ElectrOpera de Feu




3 septembre 2014

Domaine des 3 Lacs (71)

ElectrOpera de Feu

Sur invitation


3 september 2014

Domaine des 3 Lacs (71)

ElectrOpera de Feu

Invitation only


19 octobre 2012, CAL Ornans (25)
Concert de sortie d'ElectrOpera,

Act 01 ~ 20 h 30


19 October 2012, CAL Ornans (25)

ElectrOpera Release party

Act 01 ~ 8:30 pm

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